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Paul Weinfield

Paul is a meditation teacher, author, songwriter, and life coach with extensive training in Theravada Buddhism, breath work, Non-Violent Communication, and Coaching For Transformation. He holds a PhD in Religion from Columbia University and is Guiding Teacher at Downtown Meditation in New York City. Born and raised in Manhattan, Paul has always embodied the ethos of the metropolis and has made it his life’s work to bring spirituality and wellness to people living at the pace of urban life. He is also a two-time cancer survivor, which has informed his approach to teaching and practicing coaching and mindfulness. Paul’s published work includes “The Magpie Art, A Book of Encouragements for Daily Living,” as well as numerous articles and contributions to blogs. Paul is also a singer and songwriter, with nine albums released under his own name, Fairytales for the Fatherless, Gone Gone Beyond, and Tam Lin.

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