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The Heart of Coaching

The heart of coaching is the creation of a conscious relationship between coach and client. In that relationship, clients find the safety and support they need in order to dream, challenge their current realities, and be held accountable to make real changes. In life, we often find ourselves simply responding to the outside world — our jobs, relationships, and circumstances — without ever finding the time or stillness in which to ask, “What is it I really want?” and develop tools to make that vision a reality. Coaching focuses on accessing a client’s hidden sources of power and wisdom in order to live in alignment with those resources. I believe in the work I do, because I have seen, time and again, how developing the right connection between a coach and a client can open up worlds of possibility in the form of guidance, clarity, and the courage to live the life we have always known we were meant to live.

Enjoying the Nature

Support, Accountability, & Empowerment

There are many reasons one would work with a coach, and the following are just a few! 

Enjoy your life more.

Access & develop your unique voice.

Focus your energy & overcome procrastination.

Improve relationships, build new ones, and navigate transitions.

Set clear goals and the support structure to achieve them.

Develop your leadership skills & live more creatively.

What Clients Say

“This year, I decided to have a coach because I am in a complex moment in my professional and personal path, as I am launching a new business, raising funds for it, and facing some generational realities. The coaching sessions are helping me to find the strength, honesty and clarity to deal with my challenges successfully, as I feel more grounded, consistent and focused. Having Paul by my side in these uncertain times has helped me build assurance and confidence in my personal growth process and my vision.” 

— Marta

Discover Coaching

"My approach to coaching comes from the conviction that each of our minds has many different parts that hold untapped resources, and that as we begin to include more of this inner diversity in our plans, hopes,and dreams, we become more capable, creative, and joyful. I help clients access their inner diversity through a holistic combination of mindfulness, non-violent communication, and parts-oriented practices." -Paul

"Be careful about measuring your progress according to your current mood. You might be
at the lowest point of the highest mountain. You might be at the highest point of the lowest
valley. You cannot see the whole landscape of your life, nor do you need to. All you have
to know, at any moment, is which way is up."

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