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The Magpie Art

Gathering the Brightness of Every Day

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Green Writers Press, October 2018

This is not a book on meditation or Buddhism, though it has certainly been influenced by both. It is a book of encouragements for all those who are interested in using the unit of a single day to develop good qualities in their minds and hearts. It is a book about teaching yourself "from the middle" — the middle of frustration or joy or boredom or wherever else you find yourself. It is a book with a single thesis: that there is always something you can do, moment by moment, to rediscover the brightness of your own life.

What Readers Say

“There are a lot of fast-food insight books around these days, providing the 'feel good' but lacking depth and content you can really seek your teeth into. The Magpie Art is the antidote. This book brings a tremendous amount of depth for real consideration and self-reflection, in easy to read, under a page bites. Filled with great food for thought to bring more brightness to the every day. What I love most is it's embracing what truly is, rather than falsely focusing on only the highlights of our life. This book provides tools to really bring light to even the dark spots we all encounter throughout the ebb and flow of life. This book is a real joy and should be a staple in any seekers collection.”  - Kristin Diable 

"Write down all the things you want to do today, then try to do half. And then, if you
accomplish half of that half, take joy in your effort. For strange as it sometimes seems, it
is much easier to think of everything than to actually do something. We tend to push
forward in our minds like a person pedaling a bike with no chain. We need to recall the
feeling and the miracle of turning the gears even just a fraction of an inch."

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